Equity Release Schemes Now Come with a Health Warning

WarningThere are so many perks to equity release schemes and with the market widening and providers vying to offer you such products, as the profits for them are almost guaranteed, your health can be the deciding factor in just how much you can release from your property.

Your health will always be your best asset and equity release schemes use every aspect of your overall condition to get you the most amounts of cash from the value of your house. Never has a health condition meant that you can increase your income from having such an infliction. Why not make the most of your sufferance in the past and put that health warning on your equity release questionnaire? It makes complete sense to detail every little health warning you’ve had from your doctor over the years as a way of enabling a financial advisor to get you the best rates on your lifetime mortgage plan or enhanced equity release scheme.

When you next buy a packet of cigarettes, look at the health warning which screams from the packet and if you smoke more than ten a day and have done for a number of years, then this health warning could help you to have an increased loan amount based on the value of your house. Any condition that you have had historically could have shortened your life and while you might not like to admit it, disclosing at least the last decade of your health could bring you the extra cash without having to leave your home.

If you have no dependents and no inheritance to worry about leaving a family, then maximising your home’s value makes for a very worthwhile way of giving yourself an increased income stream or a way of raising a cash lump sum to pay off any debts that you’ve accrued during your working life or to use as you wish. The beauty of equity release schemes is that you get to remain in your home and that if you do live longer than expected, there are no penalties to pay. Why not have a few luxuries after working hard to pay off a mortgage? Your health could now be your best asset and if you have no dependents then why not make the most of your home’s value and still live in it?

Equity release schemes bring many benefits in terms of raising cash at low interest rates without the added burden of having to make repayments and without the added hassle of selling your home.

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